Thursday, 2 April 2015

My Favourite Jewellery

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When it comes to necklaces, you can see that I'm mainly into silver at the moment. I think this is mainly because I'm a bit of a sheep with fashion trends, but I've also always loved how delicate and subtly pretty it looks.
This elephant necklace is possibly the cutest necklace I have ever owned, and I practically lived in it last summer. Because it's so small, I feel like it can go with every outfit and just help to make the outfit feel slightly more complete and put together. This is the case with all these necklaces really. 
I'm in love with this semi precious pendant that I got in Brighton around Christmas, but I went into so many lovely independent shops there that I can't remember the name of the exact one I got it in. If I somehow find out, I'll be sure to add it to this post!   

I rarely actually wear rings, just because it never really crosses my mind to. But I think deep down inside I must want to be like a crazy ring lady or something, because I can't stop buying them. I've definitely found Primark to be one of the best places for rings. They have a good selection and you can get stacks of them for only £1-3. My favourite Primark ring that I've found has to be this one with the white stone. I just think It's so pretty and looks more expensive than it is.     


If you were wondering, the blue bracelet here is from a market stall in Marrakech, so unless you're willing to take a trip to morocco, it's fair to say that it's unavailable (sorry). I think that's partly the reason I love it so much though, It's not only a pretty bracelet, but also a souvenir from an amazing holiday that I can be pretty sure no one else I know will have. I did also buy a really pretty hamsa bracelet there which I loved just as much, but I lost it about a year ago :(
Sorry I also have no idea where the charm bracelet is from because I got it when I was about 7 from my grandparents, but I do know that it's bloody adorable.


  1. Beautiful pieces! I especially love the rings from River Island and Debenhams!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. Thank you! Same, I love the colours of them! Xx