Sunday, 29 March 2015

Behind the Curtain | Photography

What with doing a photography A level and also just having an obsession with bringing my camera with me wherever I go, I end up taking a lot of photos. And because it's something I really enjoy and have a strong interest in, I really wanted to start sharing some of my favourite photos I've taken, old and new, here on my blog. So expect to see some long photo posts from now on, starting with these that I took backstage at a local pantomime earlier this year. I loved taking these because, with the over the top costumes, you come across a lot of odd situations that make perfect photo opportunities. I edited this set of photos to greyscale because I love how much more dramatic they seem, and let's be honest, black and white always looks more professional. Also I just want to point out that I do know these people and did have permission, so I'm not as much of a creeper as you might have otherwise thought!
Anyway I hope you like them! 


  1. Great photos! That looks like so much fun!


  2. these photos are amazzzing ella xx