Friday, 20 November 2015

weekend travel bag

Bag | Primark
The bag I usually use for overnight stays and travelling is this one from Primark. It's not the most fashionable best quality bag ever but I do actually really like it, especially for £12. It's pretty much the perfect bag for travelling because although it holds a lot, it also has a lot of pocket space that you can put all your money, headphones, tickets ect. in to have them easily accessible. 

Makeup Bag/Pencil Case | WHSmith
This may have been in the back to school section of WH Smiths but that wasn't going to stop my buying this amazing pencil case. I'm secretly obsessed with anything holographic and shimmery and I find things like makeup bags to be the perfect thing for getting away with over the top materials. I bought this straight away without really thinking but it actually turned out to be the perfect size for all my everyday makeup products.    
Mirror | Primark
Hair Band | Primark      
Hair Clip | Primark    
Headphones | Apple            
Obviously I need my door key, that doesn't need much explaining, and I can't stand train journey's without music so headphones are also a must for me. I rarely even use the mirror or hair things but I always like to have them on me just in case, and it's not like they take up much room so I might as well.     

Purse | Primark
Card Holder | Accessorize    
I bought this blue and rose gold purse a few years ago now in Primark for £5 which I thought was pretty good, but as much as I like it, it's starting to look a bit rough so I'm hoping get a new one soon. Primark are good though if you just want a nice cheap one. As for the Card Holder, this is new and very much still loved. Again with the holographic material, I'm obsessed and I think because it's so small it really isn't too much. I recommend getting a card holder because it's so useful for just carrying around your card and a bit of cash when you don't want to take a bag out, and in this case it's perfect for putting my train tickets and rail card in to keep them separate and accessible. 

Makeup Remover | Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
Deodorant | Ushuaia - Vanilla              
I'm not the best when it comes to skincare. I have a couple of other good products that I use every now and then, but usually I'm just lazy and stick with this micellar water, so obviously that's all I'd take with me when packing minimally. It's a really good simple makeup remover and the fact that they now do mini travel appropriate bottles is so handy. I don't think you can get this deodorant in England so embarrassingly enough I often bring it over from France because I hate using anything else. I can't stand the usual strong 'fresh' deodorant smell so this really sweet vanilla scent is perfect for me. It might be tmi but even if I sweat with this on, I just smell like vanilla (#goals).

IPhone Charger | Poundland    
Umberella | Primark
A couple more practical things: A phone charger (a very snazzy pink one) because who goes anywhere for more than a day without their phone charger, and an umbrella because the amount of times I've got caught in the rain is ridiculous and also very easy to solve. 

Sweatshirt | H&M            
Jeans | Topshop
Dress | Topshop

T-shirt | Double Agent  
Joggers | Primark (men's)

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