Friday, 26 December 2014

Blogging Everyday of January?

If there is actually anyone out there who follows my blog and keeps up to date with my new posts, you will have realised by now that I'm not the most consistent of bloggers. What usually happens is my blog will be dead for about 2 maybe even 3 weeks, and then suddenly a bombardment of new posts will come through. I want really want this to change, and I think the way to do that is to challenge myself.

The 'Blogmas' band wagon may have been and gone, but I still really want to attempt (attempt being the key word here) to post every single day for one whole month. That's 31 days. I don't even have that many posts on my blog yet!

The reason I didn't do blogmas along with many other bloggers was that December kind of crept up on me before I had even really thought about it, but I will make sure that I'm prepared this time! Bring it on!

What have I got myself into...

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