Friday, 3 April 2015

Watching | Photography

These photos are ones that I recently took as part of my Photography AS project with the title 'sports'. As a starting point, I was really interested in the concept of watching people who are usually classed as the spectators, essentially making them the performers. So I went to a football and rugby match in Toulouse and tried to capture the expressions and gestures of sports fans.
I am aware that this is very much a creepy photography project, and I certainly didn't feel particularly comfortable doing it. Everyone loves a bit of people watching, and I guess this project did force me to be more observant in a setting in which I usually wouldn't be, which I found really interesting. But I did feel like a complete twat turning around to face the people behind me, massive camera in hand, lens extending as I quite obviously zoomed in on their faces. I was half expecting to get a slap really.
This is just the start of my project, so when I've finished it, I'll maybe share with you my final images if anyone's interested.