Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Biarritz | Day 1

Over half term, I went home to France for the two weeks, and had such an amazing time (very not happy to be back in cold England). During that time, my family and I (plus the dog) drove up to Biarritz for a couple of days of relaxing by the beach and eating Ice-creams. Basically summer had come early.
The majority of our first day was spent frantically last minute packing and cramped in the car, so these photos are from when we arrived later in the day and just had a little explore of the town. For some reason, places in France have never really appealed to me, but Biarritz was actually really lovely and not too much of a busy seaside resort either.     


  1. Cool photos! Especially the third one.
    Love, Yana x

  2. The photographs are so good. I really wish I wasn't in England too x
    em // emandhan xo

    1. Thank you! ikr the dullness of English weather kind of affects your mood Xx