Thursday, 4 December 2014

A Christmas Gift from L'Oreal

First of all I want to apologise for the photos not being great. Obviously because it's winter, you will have noticed that in the UK any light has practically disappeared by 2:00 pm, so I'm ashamed to say that I have resorted to flash photography. If I have a chance I might try and take some better photos and replace them, but for now they'll have to do.
Before you get the wrong idea, this wasn't sent to me by L'Oreal. The other day I was in Boots buying the True Match foundation and saw that there was an offer on where if you spent £14.99 you'd get a free gift box of L'Oreal products. I have to admit, I did fall into the trap and spend about an extra £6 more than I'd planned just to get the gift, but seeing as the contents of the box are worth £30, I definitely don't regret it.
In the box you get:
  • Mascara -Volume Million Black Couture  
  • Nail Varnish - Colour Riche Nail 408 Exquisite Scarlet
  • Eye Liner - Colour Riche Liner Snow White
  • Lipstick - Colour Riche Lip 461 Scarlet Crème     
This red shade isn't really something I'd usually go for, but I think it's a really pretty colour especially around Christmas time! I thought it would be good to share it with you while the offer is still available so you can go make the most of it yourself and maybe even be a bit sneaky and give it someone else as their Christmas present.

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