Wednesday, 26 November 2014

£1 Photoframes

I'm not even going to try and deny the fact that I go into Poundland more than I probably should, usually to buy chocolate (their chocolate coated raisins are so good omg), but sometimes I find that it is worth having a look through all the other rubbish to see if there's anything else worth buying. The other week I came across these white photo frames and although some people might think they're a bit tacky, I think for £1 they're pretty damn good. I went again a few days ago (for more chocolate raisins of course), and they had even more colours and sizes so I got those as well and I honestly love them. I don't know if anyone will care about this in the slightest and obviously only the UK have Poundland, but I thought It might be worth mentioning to give people a chance to go buy them in case they're gone soon.

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