Sunday, 17 May 2015

Biarritz | Day 3

Wow this is late but here's some more photos from my short trip to Biarritz back in April.
This day was definitely the hottest, reaching 32 degrees at one point I think. In the morning my mum thought it would be a great idea to take my dog to beach. I think she had some kind of image of him happily jumping around in the waves, but in reality he just barked at every bird that flew over and rolled around in the sand to try and get dry after we practically dragged him into the sea. After a bit of sunbathing we went for lunch where I had the most amazing vegetarian pizza which basically made my day. We then thought 'what could we do on a lovely sunny day like this? oh I know let's go to an aquarium where we'll be inside in the dark.' Haha ok I don't really see how we came to that conclusion but I had a good time nonetheless and took way too many photos (I might have to do a separate fish photo post). In the evening we just kind of sat around the beach and played a bit of football. As cheesy as it sounds, there's something really special about warm summer evenings when you can watch the sun set over the sea, especially when you're with some of your favourite people. #cringe


  1. These are really beautiful photos! It looks like you had a really great time and Biarritz seems gorgeous. Thank you for sharing these precious family snaps :)

    Shannon xx |

    1. aw thank you, yeah it was really lovely! Xxx

  2. ellaaa i love this post and your photos are sooo gorgeous! xxxx