Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New year, New Watch

Yes. I am sitting here writing about watches. That's what my life has come to.
A Watch is one of those classic gifts that pretty much everyone has at some point received for Christmas, whether they wanted one or not. Does anyone else remember like a year ago, when the Michael Kors rose gold watches were the gift to get, and it seemed that every girl and their nan were getting one for Christmas? They are really pretty I must admit, but I've never really seen the point of watches because...duh...I have a phone, and surely there's better ways to spend over £100.
Being the hypocrite that I am, I've actually had my eye on the Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield watch recently but would have felt so guilty asking for something so expensive for Christmas, so I was really happy when I unwrapped this Marks and Spencer watch. It's nothing particularly special but it's simple, it does the job, and I actually really love it. I guess what I'm trying to say is that at the end of the day, a watch is watch, who cares about whether it's made by some fancy designer brand making it cost 10 times the price .

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