Friday, 13 March 2015

i-D magazine | Rihanna Apreciation

This post doesn't have much substance to it but I just felt I had to share my love somehow. I recently brought the i-D magazine music edition, admittedly with the sole reason being the incredible photo of Rihanna on the cover. Inside though, along with some more amazing photos of her (even if her hair does slightly resemble that of 'crazy eyes' from oitnb), the whole magazine is actually a pretty good read. I love the simple layout, the photography throughout is incredible, and finding out about new up and coming artists is one of my favourite things to do. I couldn't ask for more really.

Like I said in my Leibster Award post, I have had a bit of a Rihanna obsession developing over the past couple of months and once you've seen these photos, I'm sure you will too. All I can say really is congratulations to Rihanna on her face.


Whilst we're on the subject, can we all appreciate how perfect this Elle photoshoot from December is

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