Saturday, 3 January 2015

A week in Brighton - Brighton Pier

Over Christmas I went to stay in Brighton for a week with my family. I've always wanted to go to Brighton because of its mix of city and seaside (#dreamteam), and I wasn't disappointed. I loved how I could get the benefit of amazing shops and restaurants and then simply walk over to the beach and admire the sunset. I also have a bit of an odd obsession with the Georgian style architecture that you find a lot of in Brighton. I've spent many a late night scrolling through property websites, bookmarking apartments and houses (the majority of them being in Brighton), and practically drooling at their perfection. So I was pretty damn excited about the holiday house. In all honesty though, I would have been completely over the moon just to be reunited with my family, so it was amazing that I could be with them in such a lovely place.
City, sunsets, pretty house, family, Christmas; It doesn't get much better than that.

I took a load of photos during my stay so I thought instead of bombarding you with them all in one go, I'd categorise them and gradually post them over the next week or so.
These photos are from Christmas eve, when I went to the arcade on Brighton pier with my brother, sister and dad. It's something we've always done whenever staying with my nan in Lowestoft, so It's almost become a bit of a tradition for us when we're at a seaside town. Call me lame, but there is a certain excitement that comes with wasting a load of money in the form of 2p coins, just to win a couple a tacky plastic key rings that probably only cost 5p to make.

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