Sunday, 4 January 2015

first world problems

We're all guilty of it. We make a big deal out of the tiniest things that shouldn't really be important. But no matter how stupid we try to tell ourselves they are, there's no escaping the fact that when added together, these tiny things can make you feel like the whole world is against you. I don't know about you but I find a lot of comfort in knowing that there are others getting their privileged knickers in a twist over the same 'stupid' things as I do. So hopefully I can make someone feel the same way. Here are my 'First World Problems'.

  • slow internet
  • chipped nail varnish
  • not finding a coke bottle with your name on
  • the tweet you want to post is over the character limit
  • eating so much you can barely move
  • tangled earphones
  • your phone is almost out of charge
  • not being able to fit everything you want to take in your suitcase
  • your favourite song comes on the radio just as you get out the car
  • there isn't enough milk left for the cereal you just poured
  • the embarrassment of paying for something in small change
  • one eyebrow looks 100x better than the other
  • all the tv programs you want to watch are on at the same time
  • you had to spend your shiny 2014 coin
  • you can't see your phone screen because it's too sunny
  • you've eaten all your snacks at the cinema before the film's even started
  • you can't hear the music you're listening to because you're eating crisps
  • not seeing anyone to impress on a good makeup/hair day
  • the subject changed before you could say your funny comment

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