Tuesday, 20 January 2015

BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge 2014

Title: BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge
Artist: Various Artists
Release Date: October 27th 2014
My Rating: ★★★
Favourite tracks:
Ed Sheeran - Stay with me
Ben Howard - Hideaway
Sam smith - Berlin
Kasabian - Fancy
Hozier - Do I Wanna Know
Ella Eyre - Come Back

When I found out about this album, it went straight on my Christmas list. I literally love everything about Radio 1. I love the music, I love the presenters (if that's even what radio people are called?), I love 'BBC Introducing', I love the interviews, and I love the Live Lounges. Although it's great to listen to a well put together, polished track, there's something fascinating about the slight changes that are brought to the songs each time they're performed live. Whether it be subtle improvisation, an acoustic version, a mash up, or a different voice altogether, it can really make you see the songs in a new light, and maybe even spark a new found appreciation. I find that quite often I like a song but don't think the artist does it any justice, or the other way round, so it's great that the live lounge provides the opportunity to almost 'fix' this. It can also bring together some incredible pairings of singers and songwriters. I mean, Hozier singing Arctic Monkeys, Ed Sheeran singing Sam Smith... does it really get any better than that?!
After all that praise, you're probably wondering why I only gave it 3 stars? I guess that although I love so many of the songs, there are also a lot that I don't think are particularly special. Realistically I shouldn't really expect to love all 39 songs, but I'm not going to give away those stars that easily! I do think that there is something for everyone on here though and at least worth a listen.


  1. Got the 2013 one, it was sooo good! Listen to Radio 1 every morning so it's nice to hear all the livelounges being in one CD!


    1. I've only heard the 2014 one, I might have to give them all a listen now! x