Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A week in Brighton - Christmas day

If you didn't see my last 'A week in Brighton' post, I recently went to Brighton for a week (clues in the title) with my family. As I took quite a fair few pictures, I decided to spread out the photos by categorising them. If you want to know more, read the post here.

So that I don't ramble on too much, here's in short what happened Christmas Day:
  1. wake up way too early to open stockings with my brother
  2. 'accidently' make a lot of noise whilst waiting for everyone else to wake up
  3. mince pie for breakfast
  4. present time
  5. full English brunch
  6. Christmas walk along the sea front
  7. sit around doing nothing whilst my personal chefs (a.k.a. mum and dad) prepare the feast
  8. Christmas dinner
  9. family games
  10. family fight
  11. more family games
  12. cry inside because Christmas is over

The majority of these photos were taken on our Christmas stroll in the early afternoon.  Along the sea front it was absolutely packed, mostly with people and with tiny dogs wearing coats, but walking through the city on the way back was like being the only survivors of an apocalypse. The centre was practically lifeless except for a few seagulls loving life as the temporary leaders of Brighton. Usually I do tend to find these outings slightly on the boring side, especially when I'm walking with people who would probably come in 3rd place in a race against a sloth and a snail. So I brought my camera to keep me entertained. I hope you like the photos and that they manage to do this beautiful city justice.

Overall, I had a lovely Christmas and I hope you did too!

Oh and I just want to say that I am fully aware I resemble a chipmunk.


  1. It looks so pretty! Might be visiting in February, excitement is real! (Ella girl, your photos are on point btw) xxx

    1. It's so nice! I want to go back, can I come with you ? haha thank you Xxx